G.O.D. Sekhmet

Oh daughter of Ra, the lioness with a dress, I heed your roar! Continue reading G.O.D. Sekhmet


G.O.D. Sarasvati

Sing, dance, write, draw, compose, paint, cook, sculpt, sew, design, decorate, re-decorate, just make some thing. Make some thing that says some thing. Any thing. Just make it yours and make it true. Inspire yourself with art and music but most of all, throw open your stable door and let your imagination run wild and free. Release yourself through your own creation whatever that may be. … Continue reading G.O.D. Sarasvati

G.O.D. Coventina

“Give me wine to wash me clean of the weather-stains of cares” said Emerson (From the Persian of Hafiz I) and he would have been in deep doo-doo with Coventina. Would she prefer Annie Besant’s “Purification is but the cleaning of the lamp-glass which hides the light” I wonder? Let Coventina wash away the before, to make ready the now, to welcome the coming. Fun Fact: … Continue reading G.O.D. Coventina